Location recording-Cuskinny Beach, Cobh.

So this is a slight step away from previous pieces. I recorded this piece on location on Cuskinny Beach in Cobh a few weeks ago. I used only my trusty ten year old Roland R-05 recorder. I edited the piece quite quickly (it probably shows) using Hindenberg Journalist (link below) which is a great quick & easy editor.

The piece is lacking in a few areas. There is some ambient recording, but not enough, the narrated piece on the beach is too focussed on my voice and not enough on the location. I could have done some more recording of ‘scenes’ but I let my self-consciousness get the better of me. I was a little hesitant-there were loads of swimmers about and I was already receiving funny looks from bystanders. It’s a learning process.

Lastly the piece contains some binaural recordings (in-ear recordings) and if you want the best experience, then headphones are strongly advised. Enjoy, Damian.

Location recording- Cuskinny Beach, Cobh. July 2020

A few observations after listening through again:

  1. The music is superfluous and adds nothing
  2. Why did I cut off my voice at the end?
  3. Why did I bring up the level of the music at the end in such an abrupt manner?


Hindenberg Journalist:

Roland R-05 (now replaced by the R-07- the 05 is better built-quelle surprise):

Roland R-07:

Lastly, for all things audio inspiration, Transom:

What I’m reading-01

This is the first of my infrequent book posts. It’s not a review series, just some brief thoughts. Today my audio read is “Make Noise-A Creator’s Guide to Podcasting” by Eric Nuzum (links below). With my reading and listening I’m try to follow the 50:50 rule, or as close as I can manage without anxiety- spend 50% of time making ‘stuff’ and 50% learning/researching

“Make Noise” -Eric Nuzum.

Eric Nuzum is the creator of some very well known and successful NPR podcasts, such as “Ted Radio Hour” and “Invisibilia”. The book distills his experience and audio storytelling knowledge and blends storytelling theory with podcast specific applications. I emailed Eric after reading the book and he very kindly replied with answers to my rookie queries on two seperate occasions.


Eric’s website

Ted Radio Hour




So, here’s episode 02, if you can call it an episode. My audio production skills are still rusty and I’m adapting to new ways of working. I’m not entirely happy with the music choice, or how I used the music. I think I need to return to some listening inspiration. If you do listen, enjoy.


A little sonic experiment. I’ve wanted to make a podcast for several years. But I am loathe to call it a podcast, or the beginning of a series. It lacks polish, and offering something up as a podcast suggests a commitment to production and to an audience. For the moment I’m not ready for that commitment. So I’ll leave this as is and call it a little sonic experiment. There are some more audio diary entries to go and I may make a few more, and I have some other experiments in mind. So for now, enjoy listener.

Episode01-Sounddiaries. A short excerpt covering early April 2020– Music from