Location recording-Cuskinny Beach, Cobh.

So this is a slight step away from previous pieces. I recorded this piece on location on Cuskinny Beach in Cobh a few weeks ago. I used only my trusty ten year old Roland R-05 recorder. I edited the piece quite quickly (it probably shows) using Hindenberg Journalist (link below) which is a great quick & easy editor.

The piece is lacking in a few areas. There is some ambient recording, but not enough, the narrated piece on the beach is too focussed on my voice and not enough on the location. I could have done some more recording of ‘scenes’ but I let my self-consciousness get the better of me. I was a little hesitant-there were loads of swimmers about and I was already receiving funny looks from bystanders. It’s a learning process.

Lastly the piece contains some binaural recordings (in-ear recordings) and if you want the best experience, then headphones are strongly advised. Enjoy, Damian.

Location recording- Cuskinny Beach, Cobh. July 2020

A few observations after listening through again:

  1. The music is superfluous and adds nothing
  2. Why did I cut off my voice at the end?
  3. Why did I bring up the level of the music at the end in such an abrupt manner?


Hindenberg Journalist:

Roland R-05 (now replaced by the R-07- the 05 is better built-quelle surprise):

Roland R-07:

Lastly, for all things audio inspiration, Transom: