What I’m reading-01

This is the first of my infrequent book posts. It’s not a review series, just some brief thoughts. Today my audio read is “Make Noise-A Creator’s Guide to Podcasting” by Eric Nuzum (links below). With my reading and listening I’m try to follow the 50:50 rule, or as close as I can manage without anxiety- spend 50% of time making ‘stuff’ and 50% learning/researching

“Make Noise” -Eric Nuzum.

Eric Nuzum is the creator of some very well known and successful NPR podcasts, such as “Ted Radio Hour” and “Invisibilia”. The book distills his experience and audio storytelling knowledge and blends storytelling theory with podcast specific applications. I emailed Eric after reading the book and he very kindly replied with answers to my rookie queries on two seperate occasions.


Eric’s website

Ted Radio Hour